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"16 Key Questions to Differentiate your Brand"

Being a follower of Jamie Turner, Chief Content Officer at the 60 Second Marketer and having read Simon Sinek’s most recent book titled “Start with Why”, how great leaders inspire everyone to take action, it is clear to me that to be successful in creating brand awareness company leaders need to differentiate their brand and act in accordance to those beliefs.  Here is a list of valuable questions needed to gain your own clarity.

  1. Why have we chosen to do what we do? (What is your companies inspired story?)
  2. What do we do better than anybody else?​
  3. How does our customer benefit from what we sell?
  4. When we win, why do we win?
  5. What are the top three reasons customers have bought our products or services?
  6. What is our typical sales cycle?
  7. What type of work do we most enjoy?
  8. What values, personality, and attitude do we want to project?
  9. Going forward, what are the essential attributes of our target customer?(Industry segment, size of organization/corporation, demographics, job position, motivators, internal and external influencers, buying habits, key message points, factors in buying decisions, association, publications, trade shows
  10. What percentage of next year’s revenue is expected from new vs existing customers?
  11. What is our greatest opportunity in the next 2 years? Why is it such a great opportunity?
  12. What would we need beyond our company’s current strengths/positioning/products to seize the opportunity described above?
  13. What is our greatest threat? Are these threats within our control? If so, what should we do to control them?
  14. Who are our key competitors?
  15. Who is our competition targeting?
  16. How do we wish to be viewed, in relation to our competition?

Would you add anything to this list? Let me know in the comments section below.

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