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"Digital or Traditional Printing, Which One Do You Choose?"

It's incredible where technology is going. Years ago the choices were few. Today time frames on jobs have decreased because of the available technology. Do you know the difference? Does your industry demand it?

Advantages of Digital

  • Lower cost per unit for shorter runs (no money tied up in plates or make-ready)
  • Faster turn-around times (no drying time required.)
  • Variable Data printing so each page can be unique
  • Instant Proofing, since each proof IS a print
  • Less waste since there's virtually ZERO make-ready

Advantages of Offset

  • Lower cost per unit for longer runs (Unit cost goes down as print quantity goes up)
  • Better Quality with higher image resolution (especially when combined with CTP, like we do!)
  • More paper options (Most digital devices require special papers and smooth finishes, which makes linen and laid finishes challenging or not possible)
  • Pantone Spot Color and Metallic Ink options (Not all colors can be built from CMYK, no matter how hard you try!)

Making a decision...

Once you've weighed all your options, it comes down to the needs and requirements of each unique project. Digital is clearly the best option for small runs needed in a hurry, as long as you don't need special papers or spot colors. If you have time, need a bunch, and have special corporate colors to match, you can't beat traditional offset.
Fortunately, while the choice is clearly yours, you never have to figure it out all alone. I am happy to assist you in your decision.  

Credit to It's about CHOICE! Digital Printing vs. Offset Printing
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