Tom Alexander     05.15.2012

"Traditional Media vs. New Media"

Is traditional media dead? No. Like any new technology, everyone jumps onto the bandwagon and becomes obsessed with the potential to create leads, contacts, increase revenue and brand exposure. But like any form of promotion it takes time to develop and tweak it to get it right.

But what happened to the marketing mix? All of these technologies become another tool in the toolbox for possible use in the right scenario.

How do you know what the right scenario is? That is where an expert who understands when and where to apply certain media tools can help. To generate more customers, a good marketing manager will understand your sales model, the number of leads you need, and the budget you are working with, to create the right promotional mix.

There are many inexpensive technology driven approaches. But can you be an expert on all of them? How will this serve you? Lets face it, you need to have a good strategy to build on. That truly is the first step. Perhaps your company needs a directional change and believe me, all the technology in the world won’t help with that.

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