Backup Administrator     07.08.2013

"Which comes first, Photography or Creative?"

So you have a project that will involve photography. Do you hire a photographer to take pictures without creative direction? Creative eliminates any of the guesswork and makes the project sing. The client will be able to approve the idea before even booking photography. This allows the photographer to get very specific on his/her pricing because everyone in the process will know the expectations and be able to truly understand what needs to happen in order to achieve the end results.

An Art Director will be worth the money to help direct the photographer. Usually this person understands the creative and will work with the photographer to create a library of images that will help in the promotional or institutional product’s brand.

Most photographers prefer to work with an Art Director. The photographer can focus on the skills he brings to the table, composition and lighting and allow the Art Director to focus on the creative intention so that the photographer captures the true essence of the moment.

PRM advises our clients to create a bank of images that you can draw from, that you own. Your visuals must speak to your desired audiences. Feel free to contact me for any assistance in this area.

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